Kelleigh and Dee




We are the proud owners of The FarmHouse Siloam, military ​and law enforcement Veterans, Kelleigh and Dee! We are dedicated to our Veterans and know that words cannot express our gratitude for their sacrifice to our beautiful country.


With the love, support, tears, and TONS of sweat from our friends, family and service members, The FarmHouse Siloam went from a dream to a reality in 2015. We wanted to give people an experience that expressed our passion of making people happy with our hardwork! 


We have developed a strong reputation in the special event business in the Mount Airy area. Our purpose is to provide the best possible experience for your perfect day, give inspiration and assist in coordination so you can enjoy your amazing day and the time leading up to it!








With over 20 years in law enforcement, I love protecting and giving back to our community. My favorite thing about our business is an enthusiastic bride and a wedding with great music for me to dance to! I ensure that each wedding goes off without the bride stressing about timelines and worrying about the small details, that’s my job! 





After a decade in the military, I decided to stop working towards my dream and started living it! Everyone will tell you that I’m extremely passionate about creating positive energy and making our guests day memorable! I run on coffee, dance music, and good vibes! I am married to my forever dance partner Marco. Day or night you’ll find us either building or working on projects for the farm or dancing!! 



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