Facility FAQs 


We are an inclusive venue that supports and loves all people. Diversity is what makes this world beautiful!!



Is The FarmHouse Siloam handicapped accessible?

  • Yes, the outdoor restrooms, barn suite, and reception pavilion are all handicap accessible. However, the farm house, where the bridal suite is located, does not have a handicap ramp. 


Are there restrooms available for my guest?

  • Yes, we offer two fully serviced restrooms for your guest. There are also restrooms co-located within the barn suite and bridal suite for the wedding party when getting ready. 


What is the guest capacity?

  • We can comfortably accomadate 150 guests. 


Is there parking on site? Are there cabs or a shuttle service available at this venue? 

  • There are two parking lots available. Although Mount Airy does offer a few cab services, we recommend renting a shuttle service through a local company or reserving a shuttle from your guests hotel. 


How many events do you host a day?

  • We only host one event per day. 


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